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By: FasTTeam

Western Union Transfer Hack is no longer new and you probably know about it, that’s why you are searching for it. There’s a lot of tutorial and tips out there on how to hack western union transfer and western union bug (also called WU BUG) software.

Some hackers claim they have the original western union bug software and they can do worldwide western union transfers to all countries. Let’s examine these claims in few minutes and know how real it is.

Do Western Union Bug Software Exist

I was going through a forum and came across someone selling a pdf tutorial on how to hack western union server and database using the pro version of the software he has. I paused for a while and laughed because the dude knows nothing about western union money transfer hacking. There’s no software or tool anywhere in the world that can automatically hack or crack western union database to generate MTCN or payment.

It’s all a cooked up story as this tool or software does not exist. Every year they come up with wu bug latest version, code files, activation key and serial key, keygen and apocalypse bounty bullshit!


The only way you can generate western union MTCN and pickup money successfully is by Carding with Credit Card Fullz or Bank Login. With credit card fullz comprising of Card holder name, card number, Cvv, SSn, EXP date, DOB and Mother’s maiden name you can make online transfers from western union website. Most carders claim to do this but it’s not that easy because western union have a high security.



We are a group of European hackers though we operates worldwide with over 10 years of experience; we specialize on Western union/MoneyGram Carding and professional bank transfer services. We use thousands of credit card fullz and bank login. We process a series of transfers from our database via anonymous proxies, with this powerful proxies, your transaction will be safe as our system delete all traces. The result is that you receive clean funds. This makes it very safe and the service is very fast. We process the transfer and forward you your Western Union or MoneyGram pick up info without delay or issues. We give you the MTCN/Reference# , sender’s info and all cashout info in 20-30 minutes.

We only deal on high limit transfers and you can receive this money in your Country/Territory. Our minimum transfer is $2900 for $200 ONLY with other prices on the table below.There is No hidden fees and NO excuses. We transfer funds right away as soon as your payment is confirmed!!

We have a 24hr support service, you can contact us via email to place an order fastteam@inbox.lv. You’ll get an instant reply as you contact us.


  Price    Amount Transfer Details For: Western Union / MoneyGram
  $700   $7,000    3 MTCN’S OF $2000, 1 MTCN OF $1000 + ALL INFO FOR CASHOUT
  $200   $2,900    MTCN + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
  $250   $3,000    MTCN + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
  $350   $3,500    MTCN  + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
  $400   $4,000    2 MTCN’S OF $2000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
  $450   $4,500    2 MTCN’S of $2000, 1 MTCN of $500 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT 
  $500   $5,000    2 MTCN’S of $2500 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
  $550   $5,500    2 MTCN’S OF $2500, 1 MTCN OF $500 + ALL INFO FOR CASHOUT          
  $600   $6,000    3 MTCN’S OF $2000 + ALL INFO FOR CASHOUT
  $650   $6,500    3 MTCN’S OF $2000, 1 MTCN OF $500 + ALL INFO FOR CASHOUT

Contact-UsEmail: fastteam@inbox.lv

icq 700015471

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Here is the proofs of our recent activities

Western Union Transfer




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  1. This forum really helped me own a house called mine. Admin have good customer caring even payment method is simple. I paid with bitcoins funds was sent directly to my bank account instantly. I recommend this forum

  2. Oh my god! Admin said done. I checked my bank balance it was $10 000 wow i paid only $300 it happened fast

  3. Hi, I’m interested in making an investment.
    Is it just to deposit the amount (in my case $ 200) and receive $ 2,900?
    If it is for bank transfer come specifying the reason for payment?
    The comments cheered me up.

  4. My husband left me with bills. I’ve already lost 1150USD to rippers. I found this site i sent my last 200 this hacker sent back 2900. This money helped me big time. Giving my thanks to this hacker

    • Hi Jessi thank you for getting me to this website. The hacker just did the transfer 20, 000 direct to my bank np hastle. I am very grateful

  5. I have now in my bank $84503. 52 i been to this website couple weeks. Yes mr hacker is always good. Never fail me in bank transfers

    • Good job admin. Hey after resding your comment i sent 300. 00$ to admin snd got right away 10, 000 . 00$ damnElmer Dorsey

  6. Good day to you Admin hacker. Just to update you.our ATM card got here yesterday evening. We have took out $2000 cash and 3000 via POS. We are grateful. Now we want to pay for a reload $50, 000 what is the fee for that? Waiting for your response ASAP

  7. Yo guys thank you for helping me . i needed this fucking $2900 wow I’m ricker today

  8. Nice!! Admin have loaded $5000 to my prepaid card. Im so much happy yu got papers to spend

  9. Good morning Admin .. My kid sister got 2900 dollars here. Thst was yesterday’s morning. He recommended you. So i am here wirh my 200😘contact me on what too do

  10. ATM card is real damn. I have no bank account but I have got a ready made ATM card here with balance $100,000 I am spending money like crazy

  11. All my friends in college is talking about Admin of this site. Each of them have made at minimum $50k up. hey admin I want to start with $300 let me know hat too do?

  12. All done successfully. I have now balance $20,000 to my bank account. Admin performed miracle I never believe such exists. thank you I will send people your way

    • Hi. you’ve got me here lol. I read your comment then I tried this shit out for $500 I received $20,000 Admin is damn real

  13. I paid 200 via money gram to admin yesterday they sent me nothing as they kept silent on my emails. I thought it was scam. I was surprised they emailed me MTCN # this morning for $2900 which I got there and it was not found on the system. I had to come back to email admin. they fixed me now I have picked up cash $2900. it was stressful but maybe it because it was my first time. now I’m in..

    • bro you good. just completed first transaction $2900 going back in town to send payment for $5000 , I need lots of money today

  14. last week I paid 600 USD equivalent in Bitcoin for purchase of the cloned ATM card. card came in the next day having balance $50,000 .i am still spend from this card. I paid for new car already. I just hope admin remain here for ever so the poor can never go broke lol.

  15. hello admin you there? contact me asap I have purchased BTC to pay you to load my card for the amount 10 000 USD

  16. I would like to know how this works because I was scammed today by some fools from http://www.wutransking.com I sent them $250 and they said that to wait a few hours for my MTCN number. I waited almost a whole day and didn’t get a dime. I posted on they website in the comment area and them idiots changed my comments to me saying that I received my money and I didn’t get anything. All of their comments and post on their website is a fraud they are scammers. Are you guys like that? Will you rewrite my comment or will you post what I will say? I need $20,000 grand asap I ain’t got time for BS if you what you say you are then I’m gone hit you up

    • my friend Josh also hit scammed from that website. I am a regular buyer here. admin fast team is Legit. he never fail us doing bank transfers with him. check my other comments admin can never change comments here because they legit

      • They are a joke a scammers and I’m going to tell my friends to come this way and hit Admin up. Faizan

  17. I don’t understand but I paid and couple minutes I got notification that $10,000 have been added to my account. this is really amazing. thank you admin

  18. I can’t thank you enough. with this $20,000 I am going to purchase new house and a ride damn I have money to spent

    • is this shit real? I saved this $500 don’t wanna throw it away my kids needs it. if it happens that I receive this $20k for paying only 500 then I am rich just that way. OMG can someone convince me this is real?

  19. my transaction with admin has been finalized. I now have $20,000 deposited to my account. I am also happy that every record was deleted. that’s assurance from Admin that I won’t get in trouble. god bless you Admin

  20. I need 5000 ASAP what’s the way faster? I have many prepaid cards if you can put to it and I can easily use the ATM?

  21. I’m back Mr hacker. just to let you know the funds have arrived to my card. I pay you again tomorrow in bitcoin for another transfer but a different card. thank you very much you are legit

  22. Dear Mr Hacker. I’m a collage Student and my friends referred me to this forum. I want $5000 to a Card. email me plz

  23. Received 5000 Australian Dollar. The deal started today and was successful. I must come back to invest more money for more transfer

    • I also placed order for bank transfer yesterday for the $20,000 balance. I paid only 500 no additional fees. everything worked out as planned. Admin is really legit

  24. OMG this is easy and quick money. I’m going to get more bitcoin right away for another transfer 2900 Admin I be back soon

  25. I need more info about the ATM card. how do I get one like asap. I’m in Canada

  26. Transaction completed a while ago. I received exactly £5000 though I requested it split £2500 each on separate MTCNs . Believe it or not this forum is Legit. I recommend

  27. good day admin. below is the mailing address for the ATM card $20,000 . if you remember me I paid to you via MoneyGram couple min ago

    Whitney A Robinson
    1058 Summit Park Avenue
    Southfield, MI 48034
    United States

    Thank you


  29. couple months ago I was involved in a scam that I lost above $8000. Yes I am at my early 50’s believing someone is tryna get us a mutual benefited funds but it was all scam. I was unable to pay back the loans I took. a friend directed me here of course I explained to the admin. I raised 300$ for this then 10 000$ hit my account one time. just letting the world know that here is solution for financial mess

  30. wondering if the western union thing works here in my location?
    Briarhill Lane
    Akron, OH 44308

    I will be safe?

    • Yes we can transfer there with no problem. You are protected because our system delete traces on every completed transactions

  31. heya Admin. OK I have used up my cloned card balance. I reserve $500 to sent too you. can you reload me the $20,000??? I set email but no reply from you yet. I know you must be very busy. contact me soon

  32. Just completed my payment of two hundred dollars. crossing my fingers. hope this gonna happen. waiting near WU store

      • okay I am back. it took me so long because this store doesn’t have cash it’s morning here. I how to travel far. but I got the cash right knee my ✋ $2900 .god bless you for helping for poor.

  33. The funds $5000 was deposited to my Western Union Card (Netspend MasterCard) This is the real deal I been looking for years

  34. me and my friend Richard got the Bank transfer $10,000 it works for real. Just giving an update

  35. first time investor. I risk my 200 too this now I have received 2900$ omg this is really fast!!!

  36. hi Mr hacker sorry for late feedback. I later picked up the transaction at seven eleven store. I went there twice because the dude said when don’t have cash up-to 2900. everything went fine. do I come back this week for more money? or do I have to wait? again thank you for helping single mom

    • Alright we happy for you. Come back anytime for transfer. You are protected

      • thank you for letting me know. at least I now believe all these stuff are real and legit. I will email you again sometime this week

  37. hey guys i’m definitely ready for the business now , i already got the 200us but i need to know what info i should provide you and also to whom should i send the 200us ?
    i will be doing everything tomorrow as soon as business starts in jamaica
    one more thing could it also be via my bank account scotiabank ? if not western union is fine too .

    thanks guys in advance
    i will be able to pay my debts now .

  38. finally I have put my money together. 300 for 10,000 bank transfer. please hacker tell me our original agreement still holds

  39. hi admin contact me. now I want $5000 in WU. I wait your reply and it’s better to write in email. thanks

  40. I placed order for a reload of my card. same time it was reloaded within minutes OMG I am happy to be here

  41. This is a life changing forum. I based here in Greece and was having hard time. I came here which I sent €200 then admin sent €2900 I was unable to pick up because I didn’t know my phone automatically typed error on my name which admin also sent the money to. I have to pay additional €100 for admin to change the name. I don’t mind because it was my fault given wrong name. I advice you guys to also provide correct info to admin when transfer is taking place. good luck to everyone

  42. Hello Admin, I still cant believe my eyes, if you guys are angels or some kind of miracle worker…i dont have much money as am scared to be scam again of my little saving. But as different people from around the globe comments to be legit, honest and trustworthy…i would like to try out your minimum of $2,900 for $200…have emailed you already and we will communicate further on how to make payment toyou. Thanks.

  43. contact me sir, I am in Miami Florida. transfer works here? I have my 200 dollar but just don’t know what to do. I am very new at this.

  44. did the lower $200 and received $2900 that helped me got new apartment. was once sleep under bridge. thank you brother for helping a brother like me. much love

  45. yes this work here. real transfer here I have successful here. for bank direct transfer to my bank Pakistan bank.

  46. I sent my last 200 too admin he made transfer 2900 for me. I picked that up and turn around sent him a $300 he then transferred $10,000 to my bank instant deal all happened today. I am grateful to find this money making forum

  47. I made some cash out today $5000 and $2900 to card and cash at agent location. admin is really legit

  48. Aloha management. I’m from Colombia and very skeptical about this, but I really need the cash. I am a single mother with 2 children and many problems of lack of money if you can send me you’ll pay either with the same as me envies thanks for your help

  49. hi admin I entered the WU store immediately wondering why they paid me $2985.00?? did you just give me that additional $85??wow happy for this and Thank you big time

    • Exchange rate made you received the addition. Remember your funds was sent in UK pounds which is higher than US dollar

      • oh that is it? ok sweetie. with this money I’m gona shop for my kids and pay bills. thank you

  50. received $2900 into my western union card wow admin saved me energy to go out there and stand in queue where many people is cashing checks and such. thank you my hacker you always there for me


      • I am interested in bank transfer. I used TD Bank what all you need to put 20 000$ ??

  52. hi admin tomorrow I want to start the deal $200 for $2900 . today I was with my friend when he sent you payment of 200 and you really sent immediately 2900 which he picked up no issues. that really convinced me! I will email you tomorrow I need this from you

  53. This shit is real OMG. hacker deposited $3500 instantly to my prepaid credit card. amazing 🎩


    • yeap bra. the atm looks in hood shape. I ordered last week and still using it..

  55. I just walk away with $3000 cash in my hand right now. this is great. I have no hope for a car but if I continue this I will get the car of my dream. thank you very much admin

  56. hi fast team. thank you for this $5000 I paid my phone bills and loan shark money back too them!!!

  57. I don’t know the process but I just got paid. this is wonderful to actually sent money to India. other hackers scammed me but this hacker came through..

  58. return thank admine hacker. send 2900 dollars successfully it was big money in my country. I am from Indonesia. I thank my hacker

  59. Good morning Mr hacker. I am one of your happy customers. thank you for the ATM card. came in last night and I am using it now. works great… have no issues.

    • Thank you for the feedback. Looking forward to doing more business with you

  60. I first tried the $200 deal, Admin sent $2900 but I was unable to pick up because I can’t find my ID. I had to pay another $200 but admin having good mind transfers $3000 under the name of my sister. we went in location to pick up the cash. my experience here Admin is very legit I have proof of everything works

    • Admin is always Legit I love this forum. I have had a home, car of my own since I started making quick money here

  61. Hey mate the £10.000 now received in our bank. we will set up many more account and come back to you. very happy to have you as our supplier

  62. hello sir, want to pay for the ATM card reload. already exhausted the balance

  63. hi admin now that you have proof too me that you guys are legit. from this $2900 I wanna do one more deal of $5000 . can you schedule my transfer?

  64. hello guys. kindly mail me your Perfect Money account details. want to pay in $200 by tomorrow for WU of $2900. thanks

  65. my spirit tells me you are legit. I want to do the $2900 . contact me if you have time for me

  66. hey boss our team has removed the $20,000 and we are happy we found you. we are sending payment for a $100,000 bank deal. same bitcoin Address?

  67. what a happy business. I withdraw the transfert €2900 in Italy. I can do this again? please answer to me hacker :))

  68. We are one of the happy customers here. The Admin of this team have been our source of income. I and my wife have no job. we survives here and leaving large. thank god for Admin

  69. back from W. U store!!! was paid successfully $2900 . admin is trusted and Legit I confirm this…

  70. got some fresh dumps here. admin is best when it comes to fresh tracks. I was able to cashout $700-$980 in a single dump track making total of $3000 every day I buy dumps here

  71. hey fam what y’all need to load funds to a Amex prepaid card. will need urgently $5000 someone told me to come here for quick deal

      • got funds admin. wow just as I was told you really legit. we come back tomorrow for another reload thank you

  72. been hearing about you guys on the forum. how fast can I get a western union transfer to North Carolina (NC) united States? check and let me know and also method of payment you guys accept?

  73. FEEDBACK : we have picked up all the mtcn having the cash $7000 thank you admin. you made everyone of us happy

  74. wow guys admin is Legit. I am very sorry I couldn’t wait for him. I have received the funds now to my bank. wow admin I am very sorry.

    • lol I told you. how can can admin fail… he is legit because I been making lots of money here

  75. you got me. this is too bad. you scam people. I will make sure everyone knows about your scam in every forum

    • Dear Brendon, the funds transfer was just completed . Kindly check your bank now for confirmation. You don’t have to judge so fast as we have lots of people that paid before you

    • hey Brandon you really sure admin didn’t make the transfer for you?? he never fail me and I also sent my friends too him

  76. guys I have just sent $300 via MoneyGram to Admin. waiting on him to put funds to my bank. will keep everyone updated

      • so admin is there anything the problem? I been waiting over an hour now and nothing comes to my account. becoming bitter now.. if you scam just be a man and say it

  77. good day admin. me and my friends want to order today $7000 are you ready to receive our $700 payment in bitcoin?

      • hi admin payment has been successfully transferred to the bitcoin address. our receivers names has been sent to your email for the multiple MTCN’s

        • Transfer completed. MTCN has been send to you in email check and go for pick up

  78. I was on YouTube when I saw people saying you didn’t make their transfer. but i will take the risk. can you make transfer to my bank? I have bank of America and I want to start with $300 for $10,000 . if this work then you have customer for life. if you take my money and send nothing, then I will tell the world that you are just a hungry scam artist. contact me if you real and I am ready to pay you then you now to see your magic

  79. hi people of the world. this fast team group are really far real money transferer. I made $40,000 same day on a separate bank transfers . come here if you looking to make quick money

      • @Brendon Beach: have been following your comment, let us know if your money has been receieved yet in your bank account. Bcos going though all the comments, my inner instrict tells me this guys are real and they using this to help people achieve they are dream…

        • hi Williams yeah I got bank transfer 10 000 same day I sent my 300 too admin. already been doing many businesses with them. all works out as planned

          • @Brendon…thank you for your positive responses. i see this guys are god sent angel to less privilege people. Have already started doing business with them from today as have search for honest people like this for years but this is exceptional…i will post my comment too after our deal so people can can still believe this true not just people who scam to get the little one we have.
            Thanks once again.

  80. OMG ATM cloned card is for real. mine arrived in mail looks good just as real bank card. making some cash out now…

  81. tested the water yes this hacker team are legit. they instantly put funds to my PayPal card $3500

  82. I have walk out of the store with my cash $2900 . ready for next order. admin email me asap the info to send you $500 I want another cash pick up for $5000 thank you

  83. hi hacker. please contact me. need some funds to my Walmart card. thank you

  84. Admin unblocked me name from western union blacklist… I was able to receive money again to the amount of $3500 in a single transfer. I am happy because Admin promised me I can never get blocked again

  85. works like magic. this forum is best for quick money. deceived two separate transfers today $2900 thru MoneyGram the other $2900 thru Western Union. amazing

  86. How do I go about this? need quick money. I am from Malaysia. advice please

    • Dear Macy, we have completed your transaction and MTCN information has been sent to your email. We are very sorry for delay as we had lots of people that requested for transfer. Let us know when you get the funds

      • OMG this turn out to be real. now pick up the funds cash at my hand right now. my bad!! Admin SORRY for saying bad about you admin. now that I pick up my money I believe you. again sorry

  87. admin where is my money? been waiting more than 20 minutes now and you assured me 20 minutes time

  88. okay! sent my 200$ to admin. waiting for a good news if this is real or make up scam

  89. The ATM card I paid for yesterday came in to my door this morning. Amazing :)my name is placed on it and have tested it. I withdraw 500 notes it cool. Legit people

    • So this is real? not looking to loose this my last money. I about to send $200 to admin through money gram online. please advice me if dealings here are legit or not

  90. hi thank you admin. I have picked up the funds. if you not too busy I can pay £300 for another transfer. hope it will be safe for me?

  91. good morning. I need bank transfer to Scotland the €2900 . I can pay your fee through MonegGram as I have one next to me

      • OK admin I prefer to be communicating on the email . if you’d service works for me I will give you positive comment

        • MTCN processed for you ready for pick up. You can check your email for info

          • Hey it’s real. very legit I withdraw cash right now. this is quick money wow

  92. Hi boss we have discovered this wonderful work of yours. for this $20,000 bank deal with you yesterday, you are going to be our link forever. we will furnish you with more bank to transfer funds to us later today. Thank you so much

  93. okay admin I’m here in the money gram location to pay the £200 for exchange £2900 I need data to be filled in the form.

  94. Good afternoon hacker. Just a quick question… Do you put money to Bank of America money network card?

  95. I am in Ohio. Been doing bank transfer deal with admin. Last week I purchased my first car. Having a good time damn. Thank you admin you really helping me

  96. Hello I would like to try your service. I have 220USD in bitcoin. Can I get just 3000USD please? Carlton Bowers

  97. Hi admin I got back from Walmart.. Picked up my 2900 can I do a deal for 3500 right away? Tell me please I have ride to go another location for pick up

  98. Don’t really know how te process is. I paid the fees 300$ gave them my account number. Couple minutes I received deposit 10 000$ . I have immediately tell my college girls how I made money

  99. I withdraw. just now. ah this is lots of money!! my family we are here celebrating. thank you thank you thank you Mr hacker

  100. hello mate the money has just arrived to my bank account. I am very happy now . can I withdraw money now? or do I need to wait? tell me I am safe to use this funds

    • The funds is now yours and feel free to withdraw any time and you are safe and protected as our system has deleted all traces

      • equivalent payment of £500 transferred to your bitcoin wallet and my bank details emailed to you. I wait on you now. so how long? I’m scared somehow lol

  101. sound like a good plan. got the funds Admin you mean a lot to me. for this funds I’m gonna refer people to your way

      • hi admin I have made payment and forwarded to you my netspend card info. got it? when will I be getting the funds in card. hope this works for me! I can’t afford to loose this $300

          • sound like a good plan. got the funds Admin you mean a lot to me. for this funds I’m gonna refer people to your way

  102. I have deal for the $2900 but through MoneyGram everything works. I will be doing more business tomorrow as the location I can go for another pick up didn’t open today because it’s Sunday and I don’t wanna go again to this location that just paid me the $2900

  103. ok just paid the $200 what next? don’t scam me this little bit of money I have please

    • Hi Lexi $2900 transfer has just been made under the receipent you provided. Check your email for transaction details need for you to pick up funds

      • OMG this is for real wow. I stood at the wu hopelessly but the guy count the dollars and hand it over to me. accurately it was $2900 .god bless you admin!!!!

  104. how do I contact this hacker? everyone is positive with him. I need quick money

  105. bank transfer here is instant. guys sure it’s instant. right now I placed order for USD 10,000 to my country United Arab Emirates. few minutes later funds shows up in my account. really legit forum

  106. my friend Donald introduced me too quick money making here with admin. I first tried the ATM card deal. card was delivered to me the next day with I had $20,000 cashed out. today I did bank transfer for $300, admin transferred instantly $10,000 it’s great doing business with admin

    • using the ATM card in Australia. I personally enjoy the services here. this ATM card is worldwide acceptance…

  107. hi guys yes it’s real. I stay Indonesia. money transfer to me value $2900 I am richer today. haha

    • Amanda writing from Cali. definitely yes I have dealt with admin couple minutes ago. everything is legit. I received a $3500 cash paid by money gram

  108. received the bank transfer US$10,000 same day to my bank I’m Malaysia. admin is fast and legit

  109. Hey can you add funds to card if I pay the 300$??? Need $10,000 today

    Damaris Franco

  110. At monrygram ready to send my 200 . I want to start off $200=$2900. Admin shoot your receiver info to me now

      • Admin I have successfully completed the payment. Did you confirm? I emailed you my info for the transfer. Thank you so much

          • Picked up. Heading to get some gifts it’s my daughter birthday. Thank you so much for being real deal

  111. Got scammed big time before knowing this forum .have started making out deals on here. Received bank transfer $20,000 getting myself a new ride. This forum is my hope and I can never go broke again!!!
    Brant Carson

    • Problem has been fixed. I’m pleased to say these guys are efficient. Can we make another transaction tomorrow ?

    • I am broke hope if I start making money here I can never be broke again !!! Can’t wait to start off tomorrow that’s when I get paid from work

  112. Hey admin are you really a human? Lol I was surprised how you always here to serve me each time I come to you for money. Thank you for the $3500 Good Night 💤🌙😊 Sweet Dream🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

  113. I and my family is not having a good time after we did the transaction of $700 and admin transferred to us total $7000 …we got 3 MTCN of $2000 each to three heads in my family and another MTCN of $1000 to me. Admin keel up your good work we appreciate it

  114. I have good experience here. Admin added $5000 to my card account all happened same day

    • Same with me. We had problem doing bank transfer to my country. So we did it through my MasterCard he deposited 5000.00 USD instant and quick.

  115. everything worked out for me as planned. paid my bills. looking forward to get more 💰 from you guys

  116. Boss you good. Got the £2900 hope we do more business with you again. Will link up guys for you trust me.

  117. Hello hacker. Thank you so much our clone ATM CA red came in today. The card works perfectly well here in Philippines. god bless you Angie Mosley

  118. All my support!!! I found one dude saying admin is a scam. He tried to give me contact of his hacker but later noticed his hacker is same person as himself. I did not loose my money to him… My luck. I just did the $2900 transfer here and everything went fine. Instead of me gong to location admin added the funds to my western union prepaid netspend card. Admin is legit guys

  119. Good afternoon hacker. Quick question, how long does it take to put $5000 to my prepaid card. Wondering how possible?

  120. I paid $500 got return of $5000 that took us 45minutes. I want to try $700 for $7000 right away. Admin if you have time for me email me I am ready

  121. Hello admin I have come back there to thank you about the bank transfer 👍Great! I received £10.000 at mid night of my time

    • Good luck bro, it works for me. Don’t worry it will work for you. Admin never disappoint

      • Hello Admin hope we can do more transactions today? i have two names for you to receive $5000 each. Let me know when you have time for me..Thanks

  122. Its okay, I now understand the process. First deal completed. Admin I am driving to another western union location to send you another $300 then wait for my pick up just as we did the first time.
    Thank you

  123. I am ready to do business here. Admin you ready for me? have my cash at hand waiting for the proceedures

  124. I had successful deal on western union Already but please advice me i want to make $10,000 today. Shall we do it via Bank stuff? please contact me

    • Hi, Guys Thank you, all i do everyday is create many paypal Cards, come here to load funds to them. Since last week i have accumulated total funds $31,250.12


  126. I found about this forum which i gave it a trial for $2900. but Admin sent it to me through MoneyGram as we had problem with Western Union bcoz i was on their blacklist

  127. Bank transfer $10,000.00 works for me OMG I now have dollars to spend with my new born baby

    • I have not tried the bank deal. I only did the Western Union of $2900. It lasted for 1 hour for us to finalize the deal . Admin always say 20-30 mins but when he is busy, it always get to an hour or so. But just happy I got the return for my $200

  128. I want to order another ATM card. I may not want to reload the old one I got from you b ecause I want new design with my name stamped on it. Email me when you ready to work with me. Thank you

  129. Hello Mr hacker, good morning. I want to deal for another transfer $2900 today. Thank you for the yesterday transfer , it was successful picked up

      • Good morning Admin. I want to invest my 200 right now. can i be able to get the 2900 dollars as you said? massage me now

      • I am in Ontario, Canada, does this works here? i want to pay 200 dollars if you assure me this is Legit?

        • yes we can make instant transfer to Canada, emailed you already lets communicate over the email

  130. I deal multiple times today for $2900 each to different names at a go. Admin is legit

      • Hi Admin this is me again Daryl Gonzalez, the dude you sent the cloned ATM card last week. Please forward your Bitcoin address. i want you to mail me another card putting my name there as card hold. the address is

        262 South Water Way
        West Mifflin, PA 15123

  131. Hello admin can we make the deal for $2900? I now having my $200 fully ready to start

  132. My first time to receive cash $2900 from a hacker and I am very happy. This hacker answers emails very quick and he is fast to send me MTCN

    Floyd from California

  133. Me and my boy friend goes for option of Bank transfer and we had $20,000 sent to our bank last name. Today we going to do one more transfer. We got money to spend thou we shall be moving to a new well furnished apartment. Admin you are the karma

    • Sweet 🙂 I have also paid admin $300 waiting to receive a bank transfer for $10,000. Will let everybody knows

  134. After I thought the ready cloned ATM card will take 2-3 days to arrive in my country philippines, I considered paying $300 to admin. So now he have loaded the funds to my prepaid card. I currently having the balance $10,000. So dealings here is very legit and fast

    • Yes card loading is fast. I also paid admin and $5000 was added to my card almost instant

  135. I have did the WU deal last week the 2900 to Jamaica. Ready to do the $5000 contact me sir

      • Already picked up. This $5000 going to purchase of a new car bro. I will write you again tomorrow for another $5000 thank you for the help. Really quick money HaHaHa

  136. Admin first thing in morning I am going to send my 200 in exchange of the $2900 !! My friend did and got quick cash. We all believed you are the Legit hacker

  137. Fast Team hackers is the best 💯 I paid all my bills already with their instant funding to my Amex card.

  138. Cashed out my first $2900. Ready to send $300 for another transfer. Massage me Admin. I wanna hit $20,000 today i got many of my friends i wanna use their names to pick up. More more money Admin. Thank you my Legit buddy

  139. I do not have job, All i do is come here order for ATM card and they comes in within 24 hours over here in Canada. Today i have received another card having the balance of $30.000.00 which i paid only $500. Many thanks to this great hacker

  140. I am at my early 60’s. I paid to this team hackers a $1,000 . Good news they moved $100,000 to my Bank account. That was last week. because i do not have access to computer, i was now at my sister’s…so i decided to put up my experience with this team hackers

    • How does this work? And its real? Want to get bank transfer sent to my bank in U.A.E

      • Just send email to Admin they will guide you through all the processes and yes I think they send funds worldwide


  142. hey guys ATM clone card is the best i have done with admin. http://fastteam.eu/cloned-atm-cards/ this the link i followed paying $400 only and received in mail a good looking Visa Card with amount $30,000 inside. Been making some cashout at the ATM. I just paid for iPhone 6s online using this card. what a wonderful hacker is Admin !!!

    • Dear Selma, can you please tell me if this ATM card thing is real? I will not get in trouble? You really got the card from this hacker and making money ?

      • Its real. Good looking card well designed. Works as bank debit card. Feel free to order one and make some money

  143. If you work with Canada? I have Scotia bank Canada. Please let me know if we can work up something. I have bitcoin to pay for this service $300/$10,000

  144. Can you send me this WU money to my card? I also possess valid WU netspend prepaid card

    • Yes we can add funds to your WU card instantly as soon as we confirm your payment

      • Alright I sent the $200 via online. Did you pick up the money yet? You have my card info I sent too you? Anxiously waiting for this to happen

  145. Good morning, can you schedule me in your list for today transfers? Looking to get $5000 today. I want you to send to me through moneygram

  146. You accept bitcoins or perfect money mode of payment? That’s the only way I can pay to you. I am from India. You can send me $2900 if I pay $200 and how long?

  147. Hei man do you sent money to a paypal accounts and paypal card? If you in, then we got lots of business to do.

    • Yes we transfer to any paypal cards/card account and funds is instant delivery

  148. Hi, wondering if this is safe for me? I won’t get in trouble aftert receive the money? I’m eagerly ready to invest my money. Send me info

  149. Ready to do the $50,000 bank transfer to a company bank account. – gathered this $800 hope I won’t get scammed. So massage me now please

  150. Hello admin, Thank you for the cloned card. Is it possible to mail me another card having balance of $50,000 and this time I want Visa. The later was Mastercard. can you? I’ve just email you same

    • Hi Jackie did you receive this card shit? Is it even real? Tell me please. I am very much interested. I think it will be more safe to have card that will pay cash at ATM instead of putting to my bank. I don’t wanna answer questions from my bank

  151. Hi love I’m looking to get only $2500 to my name and $400 to my mother in Ohio. Tell me when you can do for me?

    Thank you

  152. Dear hacker, I have purchased Bitcoins valued at 500 USD. Can you make transfer to my link in the United Kingdom? The following banks

    Santander Bank >£5000
    Natwest > £5000
    Nationwide > £5000
    TSB > £5000

    So tell me can you split the 20,000 to all these banks stated above? I can make payment now please schedule for me

    • Yeah we can fund those banks instantly. We sent you our payment BTC address. Pay and forward those bank details for transfer

      • Payment done. Take your time, tell me when the transfers to those bank accounts made

        • Natwest , Santander and TSB done, will do the remaining later in the day. Confirm your accounts

          • We have confirm its cool. Do other transfer later. Cheers

  153. Good morning hacker. I have just sold my phone to have the 200$. This means I trust you after reading people’s comments. Email me the moneygram details to send the payment

      • Hi I have sent payment 10 minutes ago you didn’t respond. So you making the transfer for me? This is my last bit of money please!

        • Your MTCN has been sent. Our wait time is between 20 – 30 minutes. Go pick up your funds

  154. Thank you mate for the 2900 Pounds. You have put food to my table. get back to you later today at 15:00 UK time for more

  155. Good morning, i am from the USA. i will like to do business with you. i have bunch of prepaid cards if you can load funds to them? and what is your minimum. Please contact me ASAP

  156. Can you transfer MoneyGram to Canada? i have many fake ID’s i can use to pick up many amounts and my friends are waiting for me to try first. if everything works out they will come to you

    • Yes we transfer to Canada and we have sent you an email for more details

      • Admin just to let you know, I have picked up the two Transactions. Kindly send funds to the other names, we just added $1000 to your bitcoin. Confirm and send us email

        • payment confirmed. MoneyGram reference # for the Two Transactions $5000 each has been sent to your email. If you have any trouble picking up just email us

          • Cashed out wow I having real cash $12900 OMG I am shaking if this is just a dream. Wow no its not!!!

  157. Got paid for the 2900€ . But want to do another one if you can sent 5000€ to me here in Italy?

  158. How all this work? I’m interested to make money. You send to Pembroke, KY ?

  159. I heard you are the best when it comes to Cloned ATM cards with PIN. Yes my friends told me about you last week . I saw them taking off cash at the ATM. I have saved up my money ready to pay for the minimum $300 to receive card with $10,000. So tell me the Bitcoin address to pay?

      • I just completed the payment to the bitcoin address. Please let this be real that 300 is my hard earned and I’m broke now.

        This is my address to mail me the card

        Jackie J Marquez
        19 Carolina Ave.
        Denver, CO 80202
        United States

    • Yes we can transfer to Mexico. We just respond to your email with our MoneyGram details to make payment

      • Finish paid my 200. I write to your email the information of payment please. Can you confirm me?

        • Okay stand by for 20 minutes wait time. You will get your MTCN + Sender details in your email

          • Ello hacker I got the fund 2900USD they add the money to my bank since they don’t have it cash. But than you very much for helping the poor

  160. Hacker I have funds. Ready to do the 200 business. Remember I massage you (on August
    17, 2016) ???

  161. Hello guys than y’all for assuring me this service is Legit. indeed it is Legit, i already completed the first deal $10,000 with The boss hacker. now tryna do the $500 for $20,000

    • Did you received all your funds as claimed. I’m from Africa but leaving in Ukraine and will try to get 200 for 2900 first. I have the payment details for admin already but want to be sure all these are real before I release it to him..

        • Thank you Gary, I just released the payment code to admin. So I will let everybody to know if this shit works for me or not so others will not fall victim

  162. Well my experience with this hacker is amazing. I was at work and paid them $200 via online moneygram, they sent me the code to pick up $2900, i went at my lunch but stores don’t have that much. I was able to pick up the time i got off work and its great doing business first time with this hacker


  163. Good people haha. got in y bank a $10,000 i think this is direct deposit because i received it instantly

    • Yes I just believe the whole lot I been reading and yes every transfer on here is instant

  164. Good Day bro, i have been eailing you but yet to hear from you. I need ANOTHER quick transfer $2900 reply.



    • I want to do same but this is real? you got your money? i lost huge amount of money to other hacker before. i want to send my 800 if for sure they really can send $50,000 too me? i need a kind of assurance guys

      • Yes admin is legit. even fast to deliver funds to accounts. i have done more deals already everything was successful

    • Hi Gary you don’t gonna be scared of loosing money here because this hacker has helped us too. He is honest

  166. Okay bro, finally coinbase just added the Bitcoins to my wallet. can i send it to you now and we complete the deal? remember i will send you $500 to add $5000 to my Western Union card

      • Can you confirm you received my payment? i just sent it to your bitcoin address. i have emailed you all you need for the wu card. so tell me when do i get the funds to the card?

        • Already deposited funds to your western union card. check and let us know

          • seen. thank you so much. seems you understand my debt situation

  167. hi man we need to trade urgent. Sent to Hungary? fast we pay you 250 you sent us 3000? this is it?

  168. Hey do you transfer to the Philippines? i want to try you guys for the lower deal 200 USD massage me to start right away!

  169. Is bank transfer safe for me? i have Halifax and looking to get 20,000 pounds. i really want to pay back my over due loan. If not my bank will take my home. I am from the UK. please contact me on how to go about it? and how to pay you the 500 pounds?

    • Yes Transfer is safe and we can make instant transfer to any UK bank. emailed you for further communication

      • first deal done, i have gotten the 20k Pounds . Can i send you another 500 pound to send me another 20,000 to a different bank? if not i can wait no problem

  170. My transfer was completed by admin couple minutes ago, I have been to two W.U Location all doesn’t have $5000 to pay me. The good news I finally pick it up at Walmart and gave this nigga a $500 outta my $5000 he was so happy. They didn’t bother to ask my the source since the sender name bears my last name. Admin I am grateful

  171. Yes very Legit forum, I have done couple business with Fastteam and was able to pay my Tuition fees, got new ride and find my own apartment. Which I can show photos !!!!

  172. I want to pay 300 bucks can you make bank transfer to me now. Need this to help someone like a sister to me. His son is very sick. I need the $10,000 to a woodforest National Bank you can contact me now with your payment info by moneygram?

  173. Hello Admin than you for the card mailed to our US address. We are ready to pay for 5 cards again right now and you mail to a new USA Address? We received the yesterday cards and everything work for us. Tell us if you ready to mail us 5 cards again today. Send your perfect money account for your payment.

    Thank you BOSS

  174. Hi you make transfer to Mexico? What must I do now to start? Will send you 200 USD

  175. If you transfert 2900USD to United Arab of Emirate. I choose to pay bitcoins

  176. I just watched your video for the cloned ATM cards. I have money to spend. Just be real with me. I will pay for two card right now to your perfect money but card has to be shipped to a US address. Email me your perfect money account pls?

  177. Heh I need this. I have been hearing about you guys and great work you have done for people. Can you help an Old man in New York? Just need this $2900. So let me know. If you accept bitcoins payment that will be perfect

    • Yeah we accept bitcoins and we ready if you ready? In communication with you in email

      • So are we good to go? Hope you have seen my bitcoins payment I sent couple minutes. I have WU store down the road I can easily go there and pick up this $2900 ?

        • Transaction has been proceed. MTCN + sender info has been sent to your email

          • Already picked up. You don’t know how much I appreciate this

  178. Good morning hacker. I have this Bank of America money network prepaid card. I need atleast $10,000 added to it. Can you fund me if you not too busy?

      • Hi its more than 20 minutes I sent my payment to you guys. What’s the hold up? Money never arrive to the card

        • Sorry for delay,we been busy serving many people same time, you can now check your card balance we just credited the $10,000

          • YES! Funds now available in my card OH my bad I thought you scam me. You are legit

  179. I have seen many testimonies of your happy customer 🙂 will you tell me if you can make a bank transfer to Capital One bank canada? If so I am ready to do business with you..

    • Yes Lois, we can transfer funds to that account and funds will be ready for you in 20 – 30 minutes, we have emailed you for the procedures

  180. I sended €200 and fast get return €2900 . He put the sender to have same last name with me. So Western Union in my country here in Poland was thinking my family people sended me the transfert

  181. Hi Admin I have empty my card. Can you reload $10,000 for me or I should order for new Cloned Card?

      • Hi just seen you have added funds. Thank you and I sent you more $200 to your BTC wallet. I appreciate your service

  182. Hey everyone , its real, I received the funds in my card OMG I will advertise this forum !!!!!!!!!

  183. OK! Just letting everyone know I just paid mr Admin $500 to a bitcoin address. I have given my WU card details and all. Now waiting for the magic !!

  184. This works in the United States? I’m in Ohio. Please tell me because this is the last bit of my money. I need this money very urgent and can you add $5000 to my Western Uniuon card or must I go in location to pick up?

  185. My boy friend did business with you. Now he out of town he recommend you to me. I will like to do $5000 w.u . Send me details how to pay and how do I receive money?

  186. Good morning, I have Amex prepaid card. Can you put $5000 too it and how much?

    • Yes we can load your card instantly and funds will be available for you immediately. We have responded to your email

    • Dominic does this really work? I’m about to invest my $500 for $5000 to my western union card. I’m tired of rippers pls tell me

      • Its real I got paid. In fact I have done many business with Admin already

  187. Hi bank transfer to Sweden? How long to get money? I will pay $300 for the 10.000

      • Alright friend here we go. Hope you have withdraw my payment, you have transfer me money yet?

          • It received friend, but I just try sent my girl friend €3000 it said cannot complete. You know what’s wrong?

          • oke it fixed now. I called the bank and was told I been putting wrong figure. Thanks

  188. Great service !!!! I bought good working dumps for $300 i was able to cashout $5117

  189. I am working better now with this hacker. We just completed another transfer $5000 to my Amex card account. planing to do Bank transfer with him in morning…..

  190. I’ve not tried the WU shit since the last time I try send money with them, they keep canceling my payments. What I doing with Admin from now on is Bank Transfers and Prepaid card account loading . Past week I’ve got total amount $57,824.12 . Looking to make 10 billion $ here lol

  191. £ 2900 just paid out to my name. This forum is Legit and trusted. The deal was fast. I waited few minutes in the car before the MTCN came in to my email. Thank You mate

  192. Hi, can you turn my $200 into another $2900. I have done business with you at past. hope you remember me? you don’t answer emails…guess you lil busy

  193. Hi my friend, today we ready for new bank transfer to our company bank account here in China. This time we going for $1000 = $100,000. You can split in for us in two seperate transfers ($50,000 + $50,000). forward your Bitcoins address for payment !!

    • Fund transferred successfully to both bank accounts provided. You can confirm and let us know you received

      • Always fast!!! we have received the funds. Thank you man. my team will keep you busy. my pressure meeting you here

  194. Hey guys Thank you for letting me know about this forum. FastTeam hacker added $10,000 to my western union NetSpend Mastercard. This is really good

  195. Writing from Japan. You made transfer to Japanese too? looking for 5000 USD 上久

      • You are 剛 great man. Transfer has arrived to our account. Are you really a human? was wondering how your transfer appears to our account instantly豊

  196. I just confirm the service of (WWW.FASTTEAM.EU) Right now i picked up my cash $2900. it does not matter how long it took but i just got paid real good money

  197. Hi doing Transfer to a Bank in china? We have many accounts that can accept any amount of money. Email me we can start now. You accept BTC or payeer payments?

    • Yes we transfer to all Chinese Banks, very fast and Legit. we emailed you

      • hi i just paid to the BTC address you provided. Hope i can receive the funds to my bank now? heard your services are very fast> check for my payment please?

  198. Everyone should know this, fastteam Admin is honest and Legit . I placed my order for bank transfer 10,000 USD . He said transfer done but i didnt received it last night until now i login to my bank and see it has arrived. Omg i was thing it was a scam but everything went smooth later

  199. Helo need Transfert Western Union 3000 EURO. i loan this 250 EURO from my girl friend okay? hope work with you fine. Sorry i have bad english

  200. Contact me i will need the 2900 WU transfer. my friend told me about you yesterday when he received $4000 from you. Please get me started for my low $200 Thanks

    • Nah Admin is Legit. i am new to this site after some guy introduced me and i was able to earn $2900 on the first time

    • Yes man the ATM card is worldwide acceptance. I also using the ATM card in my country Philippines. I go to multiple ATM’s everyday to with draw $1000 each. When card consumes i contact Admin for a reload of cash 🙂

  201. My friends mentioned about you. Can you make bank transfer US $20,000 to my Citizens Bank? I want to pay the $500 but can you split it $10,000 to my Citizens Bank and the other $10,000 to my BB&T Bank

  202. Need to do this, so how? want to start with 200 dollar deal first

  203. Hey buddy are you ready to work with us? we are team of big buyer based in the New York. first we want to try your ATM cloned cards. i will pay you $1000 for TWO ATM cards with balances $30,000 EACH. hit me up

      • Yeh you are the kind of hacker we need. the tracking # said cards will come in tomorrow at the end of the day. If your cards works we will be buying 20 cards every week

        • Hello Friend card just got here. tested and trust. we will make you very busy with us……for making it real

          • Thank you for the feedback. we are available 24 hours to help you

  204. Yes, hey, bank transfers worked for me here in Hungary i made $10.000 today same time i paid many bills off


    • You re right. I paid for Prepaid card reload. it was last night and they reloaded my card for $5000 > this is now my secrete to make money lol

  206. hello Hacker i need fast cash. its my birth day i need lots of cash please respond to your email

  207. Picked up oh my god its real. Real good money !!! Be. Back to do more business with you. Will let my friends know about you

  208. Payments completed. I sent $500 for the two separate transaction. So we are now waiting on you

    • Transaction processed, we already sent you an email containing the transaction details for the two transfers

  209. Just paid and emailed you proof of payment. Can you do same? And how long? Waiting here at my car near Western Union

  210. Hey hacker can you work with me? I want to invest 200 = 2900 . Will this work for me? Greeting from California

    • Yeah we transfer worldwide, california is not an exception. We emailed you info on the procedures

      • Just paid and emailed you proof of payment. Can you do same? And how long? Waiting here at my car near Western Union

  211. Hi I need some western union transfers, 250 for 3000 to my name and 250 to 3000 to my room mate. Can you schedule for us please?

    • Emailed you our payment info. Note we will transfer immediately your payment is confirmed. Kindly forward your Receivers details to our email to initiate the transfers for you.

  212. Hello sir I have been emailing you. Can you reply? Need another transfer to my other bank account. Thanks

  213. Hi do you make bank transfer to Indian banks? I need to pay back my over due loan. How will you send me 10,000 USD possibly i need this today. Do you take perfect money payment?

    • Yeah we can transfer instantly to any Indian bank and we accept perfect money. Emailed us

      • Ok Please check for my payment. Just sent to your perfect money. Now how long will you make the transfer to my bank account and from who it will be coming from?

          • Hello sir I have been emailing you. Can you reply? Need another transfer to my other bank account. Thanks

  214. i will be interested for transfert 250 par 3000 code. But my question this works in Spain? And will make it in € ? Answer friend

    • We can transfer to you in EURO currency. Email us for deal when you ready

      • Deal already completed . Man you are the best. i see everyone is saying the truth about your stuff

  215. Hello Admin do this works in Africa? i am in Ghana and will need to deal fast. seen you accept Bitcoins that’s cool with me. reply i am ready!

    • Emailed you our bitcoin address. Transfer payment and let us know

      • ok Admin, just made the payment of 200USD. check your wallet. I also emailed you my details for WU transfer

        • We confirmed your payment. Your transfer will be completed shortly just stay behind

          • Cash picked up. You are Legit man. i will be doing this everyday then? I got many names to be used. thanks alot

  216. I read about the ATM card and really interested but lemme do the Bank transfer first. So how do i go about it? want to start with your minimum

      • I get paid at work tomorrow. I will be ready tomorrow too do this

        • Hello hacker, i am ready to do this. Hope this will work for me? I have emailed you couple minutes ago still waiting for your reply. Don’t forget i want to try the Bank transfer 300 to get 10,000 Alicia Collier

  217. Hey bud i need your help big time. i have $200 cash but do not know how to proceed to receive the $2900 transfer? Please can you reply my emails if you not too busy? thank you

      • Admin payment made. how long will you send MTCN? waiting for you please

          • Already picked up cash. OMG how did you do this? i thought i am going to answer bunch of questions at western union. They paid me cash and gave back my ID. everything went fine

  218. would like to deal with you. Do you transfer to American Bank? i have chase checking account. Do you take bitcoins payment? Please confirm me i need this money for lots of bills and i goes for $500/ $20,000 deal

        • Yeah we confirmed your payment. wait the period of 20-30 minutes for the transfer to be made to your bank

          • Hello Admin its been 2 hours now and still nothing/ No deposit made to my bank yet. so whats the hold up?

          • Your bank was the delay. kindly check your Account balance now and let us know you have received

          • Seen !!! Man you good. Thank you for your good work. everyone is happy with you. i will do another transfer with you today or tomorrow

  219. Finally i am now having the cloned ATM card bearing my name. Paid $400 and card has balance $20,000 this is just a miracle. Though i requested for Visa but it was MasterCard that were sent to me. Anyways i do not mind since my card works fine here in Texas

  220. Can someone email me about this service is this real or made up people

    • It worked for me. started for 2900 then goes higher. Had received lots of transfer already. hope you not the fed? lol

  221. Yo boss quick question, i have a prepaid card. was wondering if you can load money to it? i only have 200 USD left with me. This week i lost $350 to rippers. I believe you and ready to work with you

    • Yes we can load funds to any prepaid card. contact us when you ready

      • Hello boss are you available? need again $10,000 to my prepaid card quick and your payment is ready! contact me my boss

        • I have emailed you the card information to load funds. Please email me the bitcoin address to sent your payment too? await your reply boss

          • Card loaded successfully you can check your available balance

          • confirmed !!! Thank you my boss. You are always my bank lol


  223. Admin i just picked up the cash right on here with me. You good i will tell everybody..my friends. sorry for saying bad about you while waiting

    • I received Moneygram transfer $2900 here in my country Crotia. I am very happy not only that i have found Legit source but just happy i have actually received cash at hand from a hacker for the first time..

  224. Lol I said it. It has been 1 hour Admin never sent the money to me. So why everyone says he is Legit? Smh I think I loss another money

    • Hi, because of time difference, we were not able to complete your transfer. Kindly check your email for pick up MTCN we just successfully completed your transfer

      • Great!!. I will be going to the store in a few. sorry about what i said, i just feel i got scammed again. i am happy to hear back from you

  225. Okay! Everyone. I have contacted admin for transfer 250/3000$ MTCN. Just completed my payment to his BTC address. I am now waiting on him to make the transfer to me. I will update if this is real or scam

  226. Good morning Admin, I just paid for the ATM card. sorry i was not able to meet up last time. The moneygram stores was already closed in my city. I just sent you the payment this morning. Did you get the photo of the payment receipt i sent too you in email? Have my shipping address below

    Kathleen Stallings
    1164 Wakefield Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19103

    Let me know when you shipping, i will be on my way to work. will be checking my email for your response.

    Thank you.

    • We received your payment and your card has been mailed to your address. check your email for the tracking#

      • My card came in this morning. Had paid for some food at POS everything worked fine. Thank you for keeping the deal…

  227. just had another $4000 today that’s cool with me. This all i do every time i’m off work. Good job Admin

    • Are you sure this is Legit and not another scam? I’m not looking to send my money and got scammed again! I lost $250 last time and scared to do this.

  228. Heya im just 20, single mother. Can you help me. My daughter need some milk. Im not looking to throw away my last $200. i will send it to you to get $2900 that is it? Contact me please

      • You are Legit, now i believe real hacker exists. I cashout out the $2900 it was all great. Hey can you transfer to my sister? she is ready to start today. contact me back please. i will just email you anyways

  229. I flip here wow so fast i got paid $5000 i will recommend you on every forum

    • I only tried for $2900 it worked. i will go for the $5000 in my next deal.

  230. Very legit team hacker, highly recommended. I had withdraw the $2900. can i do this again with you?

  231. I have Bitcoins ready to pay for transfer. Contact me. Wanna start low the $200…lemme know

  232. Hi mr hacker are you around? I just got paid $250 at my job. Please this is my hard earned don’t take it from me and send me nothing just as other hacker did to me. I would like to do a Moneygram transfer $250/ $3000 to Australia . Will it work? please reply

  233. I do not understand the process but i just got paid. Its really fast

  234. $500 for instant Bank Transfer $20000 WOW this team is great i made so much $$$$ :). I don’t have job. This is all i will be doing. I just hope Admin will always be here for long term business. I really love this money hacking stuff. It even fast

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